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The gateway to financial strengh

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The gateway to financial strengh

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NtaCCUL is a Credit Union that began in 1972 with 15 members.Today its has a membership of over 60 000. Membership is open to all.It is a Microfinance Institution registered under MINFI No.00395 and COBAC No D-2001/5 Code No19431.








Diaspora Membership

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Our Best Features

  • Money Transfer

    Receive and money from anywhere and anytime
    NtaCCUL carry carries out money transfer services free of charge to its members.

  • Civil Servants & Private workers

    Receive your salary through our branches
    The Union has a direct salary code from theMinistry of Finance whereby civil servants can receive their salaries from any of our branches. Workers of private companies such as G4S, the Bamenda City Council and ESSOKA Security are already enjoying this service.Contact any of our offices for details…

  • Plot Financing

    Borrow wisely
    This is a fixed asset investment product whereby a member can acquire a plot through the Union. The Union acts as a third party between the member and the landlord. The Union pays the seller at the Union office and keeps the documents of the plot and only hands them over to the member when he/she completes the payment of the agreed sum in several installments.

  • Digital Banking

    Automated Teller Machines have been installed in major towns of Cameroon where NtaCCUL offices are located. This service machine gives members the opportunity to withdraw money using their VISA Cards at any time of the day or night to solve emergency financial shocks. Members can also withdraw from any ATM of any other Bank where NtaCCUL has no branch office.

  • Smobil

    Payment of ENEO (electricity) Bills
    This is done in partnership with Smobilpay.

  • Diaspora Branch

    Banking With NtaCCUL From Anywhere
    These are members who have their accounts in various branch in Cameroon but line regularly in foreign countries – Europe, America, Asia, Middle East. They constitute about 4% of the total membership of NtaCCUL. Though they constitute a small percentage their impact in the union in terms of share savings is great.

Money Transfer

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NtaCCUL Remains Top Ranking Reliable Microfinance

NtaCCUL is 50 years (1972 - 2022)

Join Ntarinkon Credit Union Limited to celebrate her golden jubilee.

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