NtaCCUL is 50 years (1972 - 2022)

Join Ntarinkon Credit Union Limited to celebrate her golden jubilee.

Are celebrating 50 years of:

  • Growth and Sustainability
  • Building confidence and reliability
  • Efficiency and accountability
  • Hard work and honesty
  • Improving the Lives of many
  • Alleviating Poverty
  • Resilience amidst Crises

Some historical facts

  • Began in 1972 with 15 members led by Pa Elias Nde Wara of blessed memories
  • Meeting Venue: House of Pa Elias Wara at Council Junction Ntarinkon
  • Main Activity: Weekly Njangi of 500frs per member and savings ranging from 5frs, 10frs to 100frs.
  • Registered as a co-operative “meeting” group with the Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Co-operatives and Mutuality between 1975 – 1978.
  • Registered with the Cameroon Co-operative Credit Union League in 1978 as a Discussion Group in 1978.
  • Became a full afliate of CamCCUL in 1985 having been prepared by CamCCUL field workers like Banseka, Fonchin Jonathan, Tanyii Christi Bote etc.
  • Start up shares in 1985 = 1000frs per member
  • First public office as a full affiliate of CamCCUL – Premises of one of the founders Pa Nicholas Akumawah