Products & Services

  • Shares

    This is what qualifies one as a shareholder of the Union. The shares give the right of participation in decision making for the Union and also to benefit from the numerous credit products and services.

  • Saving account

    This is the member's investment account to which interest is credited at the end of the year. The money in this account and the frequency with which you save forms a base which determines your ability and amount for a loan. Owing to the insurance paid on this account, the next of kin or children of the deceased member benefit extra amounts (claims) on it.

  • Deposit account

    This is the current account in the Union. The Union is the custodian of the money and members are paid back this money on demand. No notice of withdrawal is needed.

  • Group account

    This account is reserved for legalized groups like meetings, associations, NGOs, churches, etc. It is for the safe keeping of group funds and avoids misappropriation by individuals. Interest is paid on amount saved, withdrawal is free of charge.

  • Minors account

    This account takes care of future needs in education, healthcare and others for children less than 18 years. Registration is 2,500frs and withdrawal is free and without prior notification.This account also yields interest.

  • Payment of salaries

    The Union has a direct salary code from the Ministry of Finance whereby civil servants can receive their salaries from any of our branches. Workers of private companies such as G4S, the Bamenda City Council and ES SOKA Security are already enjoying this service. Contact any of our offices for details.

  • Standing order (S/O)

    Members can save and repay their loans through other banks by the use of standing orders.

  • Overdraft facilities

    It is available to those with standing orders and those whose salaries are paid by NtaCCUL.

  • Contract financing

    We pre-finance contracts on presentation of a listing or bonds with an irrevocable statement from the Ministry of Finance.

  • Njangi financing

    This is for Njangi groups where all the group members can benefit from the Njangi at the same time. For details visit any of our offices. The interest rate for groups is moderate.

  • Money transfer services

    With the putting in place of inter-connectivity, NtaCCUL now carries out money transfer services to its members free of charge. In this way, one can withdraw money from or deposit money into his/her account in another branch. The general public can send and receive money worldwide in any of our branch offices via WESTERN UNION, Ria and WorldRemit

  • Plot financing

    This is a fixed asset investment product whereby a member can acquire a plot through the Union. The Union acts as a third party between the member and the landlord. The Union pays the seller at the Union office and keeps the documents of the plot and only hands them over to the member when he/she completes the payment of the agreed sum in several installments.

  • Micro credit scheme

    These are micro loans that can be taken by traders, buyam-sellam or shoe makers through a collecting agent within the daily saving scheme. In this scheme, one can be given 4 times his/her total monthly savings. There is also group lending in this scheme.

  • Outreach services

    We collect and make payments to members and would-be members residing at the periphery of the cities where our offices are located such as; Alabukam, Alah-nkie, Akumalam, Kompina, Souza, Kake etc. We serve members who are hospitalized, handicapped or bed ridden within the branch environ.

  • Institutional school fees Account

    This account is open to nursery and primary schools, colleges, professional schools and universities. It gives the opportunity for parents and guardians to pay their children's school fees through any NtaCCUL BRANCH OFFICE. WE CAN ALSO GIVE LOANS AND OVERDRAFTS to schools to carry out emergency projects or supplement teachers' salaries in times of scarcity. We are already partners with P.S.S Nkwen, L.C.0 Mankon, P.C.S.S Azire, G.T.H.S Alabukam.

  • Clearance/removal Containers at port

    We offer credit and assistance for quick clearance of goods in order to avoid profit- killing penalties or cut-throat interest from private money lenders.

  • Agricultural loans

    We give loans to farmers either to buy seeds, farm tools, insecticides, veterinary drugs or fertilizers to improve productivity, rent or buy farm land.

  • A.T.M. Services

    Automated Teller Machines have been installed in major towns of Cameroon where NtaCCUL offices are located. This service machine gives members the opportunity to withdraw money using their VISA Cards at any time of the day or night to solve emergency financial shocks. Members can also withdraw from any ATM of any other Bank where NtaCCUL has no branch office.

  • Mobile money

    NtaCCUL has partnered MTN and Orange Cameroon whereby one can send or receive money through this service in any of our branch offices.

  • Other

    Payment of ENE() (electricity) Bills: This is done in partnership with Smobilpay.
    The Creditor News Magazine of NtaCCUL: This is an internal informative, educative and entertaining journal that usually comes out towards an AGM. Members can advertise their schools or business in this media.
    Cheque Clearing / Discounting: We can clear other bank cheques on behalf of our members and non-members at give-away rates.
    Internships: Professional training is given to selected students from renowned institutions.
    Bank Statements: We offer bank statements to our members for various purposes.
    Other products and services include: Christmas Season Loans, Term Deposit, Line of Credit, Tax Declaration.